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Charge the change

zero emission, zero risk

The time to change is now. Time to reduce CO₂, to be kind to the environment and to contribute to a better world. Time to get smarter and use our knowledge to create a better and more sustainable world. The time is now for Aebi Schmidt to introduce Generation E. A programme in which we transform our technology to zero emission levels. So let’s charge for a better future. (read more)

Our responsibility for a clean future

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Aebi Schmidt has been developing a new approach to the market, which includes the electrical implement carrier Aebi EC as well as the new Schmidt eSwingo200+ compact sweeper. Developing and using new technology means we have to redefine our way of thinking. Switching to smart means switching to sustainable, responsible and cost reducing technology. Explore more about our products

Explore our Schmidt eSwingo 200+

A great feel for sweeping – proven technology that is simpler and cleaner than ever before.
Our 2m³ eSwingo 200+ operates entirely on electric power without generating any emissions, making it not just one of the cleanest compact sweepers available on the market but also one of the most cost-competitive. With the excellent sweeping power synonymous with the Swingo 200+, but with a near-silent electric drive, the new e-Swingo delivers ”noiseless, invisible sweeping”.
Zero emission, zero risk.

An investment that convinces.

  • Save up to 85% of the energy costs and up to 70% of the maintenance costs in comparison to a diesel powered machine
  • Costs of the eSwingo 200+ are, over its life cycle on par with those of the diesel version, thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer amortisation period
  • All battery servicing and diagnostics are provided by the ASH Group, while any used batteries can be returned and recycled free of charge


Technical data


Facts & Figures for a technical pioneer

Battery item
  • Two battery packs guarantee best performance and efficient handling
  • Battery capacity of 75 kWh
  • High quality battery (at least 5000 charging cycles guaranteed, non-flammable, completely explosion-proof)
Clock item
  • On-board rapid charger quickly recharges the battery in just four hours
  • Class-leading performance of up to 10 hours without recharging
Motor item
  • Just one electric motor fitted directly on the rear axle, means more performance coupled with less outlay on maintenance
  • Pressurised water recirculation system can also be combined with the innovative Koanda air circulation system
Ear item
  • Almost silent driving and working –> machine can be deployed at night or in the early hours of the morning
  • No compromises in work speed - top speed is 50 km/h (31mph)
  • Water tank with a volume of 380l
  • Ease of maneuverability thanks to the all-wheel steering
  • High comfort for the driver: fully integrated air-conditioning and heating system with the option to precondition the cabin, ergonomically adapted operating elements, height-adjustable and articulating steering column, intuitive control using a joystick
  • New generation of telematics solutions available (optional)

Innovation inside

Pressurised water recirculation system and Koanda air circulation system

Pressurised water recirculation system
  • Large amounts of water in the suction system ensure reliable and low-wear collection of dirt
  • The optimum water recovery system guarantees:
    • Compacted and semi-solid debris
    • Efficient handling of resources
    • Optimum utilisation of the hopper capacity
  • The combination of the pressurised water recirculation system and the Koanda air circulation system reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter caused by the sweeping process by up to 70%. This helps make the eSwingo 200+ one of the cleanest compact sweeper available on the market.
Koanda air circulation system
  • The one-of-a-kind Koanda air circulation system:
    • Eliminates particulate emissions nearly completely
    • Significantly reduces the noise level
    • Impresses with low water consumption
    • Permits sweeping operations even at moderate sub-zero temperatures
  • Further more, the water consumption and the noise level during sweeping operations are reduced significantly. Combined with a new, intelligent pressurised water recirculation system, the machine becomes even more efficient and eco-friendly than ever before – the need for time-consuming stops to refill water is eliminated, making extended sweeping operations possible.

Maximum comfort,
Maximum driving pleasure


The driver’s cab is both spacious and equipped with premium sound-proofing and vibration damping. Heating and air conditioning systems ensure excellent indoor climate during work. All operating and control elements are arranged ergonomically around the driver. The windscreen extends up to the cab floor. An observation window integrated in the cab floor allows an unobstructed view of the suction nozzle and the disc brushes. The new Schmidt steering column with maximum ergonomics and one-of-a-kind adjustment options offers unprecedented ease of operation and permits quick and convenient entry and exit. The slim steering column equipped with a minimum of operating elements as well as the large wing mirrors give the driver a perfect view of the working area and the surroundings.

Power your knowledge

With our tailor made telematics solution you can track and monitor the battery status in real-time. This knowledge offers you the possibility to optimize the route in order to increase the operation time of the eSwingo 200+.

Both batteries of the eSwingo 200+ are equipped with a battery management system (BMS) which keeps you informed at any time. The BMS monitors and controls the battery as well as charging currents, discharge currents and management of temperature.

Explore our Aebi EC

All terrain vehicle

100% electric, 100% all terrain, 0% emission

As a pioneer of the implement carrier for use on sloping terrain, Aebi is therefore embarking on a new era with the EC170 and EC130 and offers an agile, environmentally friendly, multi-talented machine which has powerful electric disc motors and can operate on the toughest terrain. The Aebi EC is a manned implement carrier (EC170) or unmanned implement carrier (EC130), with spring-loaded crawler tracks, 1,000 Nm of torque and a lifting force of 200 kg, which can be used on both slopes and flat surfaces.

All terrain vehicle

Your advantages at a glance

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Technical data

Aebi EC170 Aebi EC130
Lenght / width / height (cm) 147 x 123 x 154 147 x 123 x 86
Weight (kg) 425 355
Torque (Nm) 1000 1000
Peak power (kW) 18 18
Top speed (km/h) 20 20
Lifting force (kg) 200 200
Battery (kWh) 8,7 (optional 9,7) 8,7 (optional 9,7)
Range* (h) 3.5 3.5
Quick charger

3kW / 230V
5kW / 230V

3kW / 230V
5kW / 400V
Charging time (h) (depending on the charger) 4 / 2,5 4 / 2,5
Towing capacity (kg) 300 unbraked
500 unbraked


Generation E – Charge the change
and start re-thinking for a clean future

Controlling air pollution, reducing noise, saving resources – these are topics we can`t close our eyes too.

We need to re-think within society. This is because for us at Aebi Schmidt and for our customers, sustainability means being fit for the future. The electrical implement carrier Aebi EC and the new eSwingo 200+ represent milestones from which we will consistently look to expand our range of alternative drive concepts.

For users, electric mobility often demands changes to operating processes and infrastructure, as well as long-term planning and major investments. Generation E therefore represents an integrated concept: superior technology, maximum comfort and a customised business model. We are a full-service provider, and as such we take care of a large share of our customers’ tasks for them. The customer benefits from optimised processes and saved resources.


Watch your steps and become part of a new Generation. Everybody has a carbon footprint. You, me, even your dog. It is the amount of carbon dioxide we produce with any action or activity. As carbon dioxide contributes to ‘greenhouse gases’, our carbon footprints have a direct impact on the environment. Every day. Everywhere. So watch your steps and start re-charging.


CO₂ Saving calculator

  • Carbon dioxide emissions are not a mystery. It is simply physics. 1 liter of diesel results in 2,64 kilograms of CO₂. If your diesel engine needs 6 liters that produces15 kg/h. For a compact sweeper with 1500 hours per year does that means: 22.500 kg CO₂ per year or 112.500 kg in 5 years.
  • To compensate for the emissions of a diesel compact sweeper you would need 1.800 trees a year.
  • In comparison with our eSwingo 200+ CO₂ emissions means: zero*
  • Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources


Sustainability doesn’t come by itself. It is a way of thinking, and acting. As a major company it’s our responsibility to invest in progress. But in the end this also counts for our clients. Everything we develop and produce is effected through our clients. Every single sustainable machine is an investment in our common goal: a healthy planet.

Petrol is going the way of horses

100 years ago, the automotive industry started with petrol – it was a state-of-the-art revolution. In 100 years, petrol will be another chapter in the history books. But times are changing, and we are at the centre of it. Electric mobility is now the key technology for the replacement of fossil energy sources in the long term; creating new markets and new technologies, as the old energy order comes to an end and a new one begins.

The Schmidt eSwingo 200+ and Aebi EC are not just a sound financial investment, it is also an investment into a sustainable future.

Correct, electrical vehicles are currently more expensive to buy upfront, but it is important to consider the costs over the whole lifecycle of the machine, once you calculate the total cost of ownership, you will be astonished.

Save up to 85% of the energy costs and up to 70% of the maintenance costs in comparison to a diesel machine. Also over its life cycle, the costs of the eSwingo 200+ are on par with those of the diesel version, thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer amortisation period.

Furthermore, the European Union and federations are offering funding for municipal customers investing in electric technology. Want to know more? Aebi Schmidt would be happy to guide you through the process with our consultative approach.

TCO calculator


eSwingo 200+


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 85% savings on energy costs in comparison to a model with diesel enginge
  • Up to 70% savings on maintanance costs in comparison to a model with diesel enginge
  • Longer lifetime of the eSwingo 200+, while a diese machine has to be replaced after several years because of wear of components and engine
  • Battery servicing and diagnostics are provided by the ASH Group, while any used batteries can be returned and recycled free of charge
  • Different funding programs for electro mobility are available. Want to know more? Experience from our know-how and individual consulting. We are happy to assist you.
  • Save up to 85% of the energy costs and 70% of the maintenance costs. Don’t neglect to sweep it up!


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