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Electrical transporter eVT 450 Vario

World premiere with great potential - sucessful in test

At 1,305 meters above sea level in the car-free Swiss village of Stoos, the future is underway. All eyes were on the village when the world’s steepest funicular was opened there in December 2017, and now it is the venue of another small world premiere with great potential, as Aebi celebrates the first Aebi Transporter fitted with a fully electric drive is tested sucessfully since February 2019.

Technical details

Technical details

  • Motor power 80 kW (throttled)
  • Charging time: 4 hours (80%)
  • Range: 4 hours (with crawler track)
  • Converting wheels to tracks within a short time
  • Battery chemistry: NMC
  • Battery storage: 120 kWh 12×10 kWh evoTractionBattery 48V
  • Voltage 600V
  • Charge time to 80% is 4 hours
  • Max. Speed with caterpillar: 25 km / h
  • Max. Speed with wheels 45 Km / h

eVT 450 Vario

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eVT450 Vario

Like the conventional model, the eVT 450 Vario is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a stepless power-split hydrostatic-mechanical transmission and can be easily switched from tires to a crawler track and back as needed. The large surface area of the crawler track in particular minimizes the vehicle’s impact on the terrain — an advantage over tractors which is especially clear when the Transporter is used on ski slopes and snow-covered roads. The eVT 450 Vario’s useful load of up to 5 tonnes is unparalleled in the electric Transporter class. The vehicle can also be quickly fitted with a flatbed or a closed body depending on what is being transported.

The Aebi eVT 450 Vario’s electric drive draws on technology from ecovolta Switzerland. ecovolta’s patented battery design is based on innovation through standardization and makes it possible to electrify vehicles of all kinds. The Aebi eVT 450 Vario’s battery solution comprises 12 battery packs which each have 840 cells, offering a total energy capacity of 120 kWh. The transmission is impressively powerful at 80 kW.

The performance results in field tests even slightly exceeded the expected levels in the first test phase, lasting two months. The Aebi eVT 450 Vario regularly and reliably performed its duties for 4 hours with no faults occurring. Recharging to 80 percent also takes 4 hours. As the eVT 450 Vario was fitted with a crawler track in the test phase, it can be expected to perform better still in the summer when used with tires.

The eVT 450 will now undergo another phase of rigorous testing. The strong results have exceeded our expectations and made us very optimistic. Now we want to test whether the vehicle will behave as we expect over longer periods of time,” says Tobias Weissenrieder, Head of Technical Unit (R&D and Product Management) at the Aebi Schmidt Group.

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kg / year

Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources.

Carbon dioxid emission

Carbon dioxid emission is not a mystery. It is simply physics. 1 liter of diesel end off in 2,64 kilogram CO₂. If your diesel engine needs 6 liter that means 15 kg/h. For a compact sweeper with 1500 hours per year does that mean: 22.500 kg CO2 per year or 112.500 kg in 5 years.

To compensate the emission of a diesel compact sweeper you would need 1.800 trees a year.

In comparison with our eSwingo 200+ CO2 emissions means: zero*
*Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources

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