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The time to change is now.

Time to reduce C02, to be kind to the environment and to contribute to a better world. Time to get smarter and use our knowledge to create a better and more sustainable world. The time is now for Aebi Schmidt to introduce Generation E. A programme in which we transform our technology to zero emission levels. So let’s charge for a better future.


our responsibility for a clean future

Generation E

Aebi Schmidt has been developing a new approach to the market, which includes the new Schmidt eSwingo 200⁺ compact sweeper, the Aebi eVT450 Vario, a full electrical transporter as well as the electrical implement carrier Aebi EC. Developing and using new technology means we have to redefine our way of thinking. Switching to smart means switching to sustainable, responsible and cost reducing technology.


our sustainable future

Sustainability doesn’t come by itself.

It is a way of thinking, and acting. As a major company it’s our responsibility to invest in progress. But in the end this also counts for our clients. Everything we develop and produce is effected through our clients. Every single sustainable machine is an investment in our common goal: a healthy planet.

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kg / year

Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources.

Carbon dioxid emission

Carbon dioxid emission is not a mystery. It is simply physics. 1 liter of diesel end off in 2,64 kilogram CO₂. If your diesel engine needs 6 liter that means 15 kg/h. For a compact sweeper with 1500 hours per year does that mean: 23.760 kg CO2 per year or 118.800 kg in 5 years.

To compensate the emission of a diesel compact sweeper you would need 1.800 trees a year.

In comparison with our eSwingo 200+ CO2 emissions means: zero*
*Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources

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